Jan Henk de Groot, Grunneger Troebadoer
De Wolf is Trug
Sunday November 3rd 2019

Jan Henk de Groot at his very best with strong stories and Groningse songs. And all in his natural habitat, the theater!

In his second solo program ‘’De Wolf is Trug’’ Jan Henk de Groot temporarily left his troubadours trio. Like a lone wolf, he sneaks past the theaters of Stad and Ommeland with questions as: where have the fairy tales gone? What do you really need in life to be happy? Love, success, money, guitars, … And where you belong?

Last year Jan Henk had his first solo tour and visited the theaters with his program ‘’Tachtig Tammo’’. De Groot is a great entertainer, singer and storyteller who takes his audience on a journey through his life and knows how to touch on multiple levels.

November 3rd 2019
Theatre Dina
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