John-F Klaver Blues & Beyond workshop
Saturday September 26th 2020

Winner of the Dutch Bluesaward "Best Dutch Blues Guitarist" John-F Klaver will be giving a masterclass on the 21st of March. Bearing the title "Blues & Beyond", the playing techniques of modern blues guitar players, such as Robben Ford and Matt Schofield, are analyzed and explained. In addition, there is enough room to ask questions and perhaps to play along with John.

John started playing the guitar at the age of 11 and the first guitar instructional video tape he saw was 'Blues & Beyond' by Robben Ford and this triggered something that is still moving today; getting better in the art of playing the guitar and the interweaving of blues and jazz music.

Now John has also released several instructional videos, such as: Blues Masterclass: Harmonic Soloing - John F Klaver!

In the live masterclasses this is used and participants see and hear how they can get out of the pentatonic box and how solos and chords can be used in the same setting. With not too much theory, but through simple examples, results can be achieved quite quickly and your solos will sound even more refined.

In addition, various playing techniques are demonstrated, the importance of rhythm and phrasing is emphasized, and there is an explanation of how solos are an important piece of music.

Entry price is 12 euros including John's new album 'Organic & Sustainable Sessions Vol.1'! There are 35 tickets available, be quick!

September 26th 2020
Theatre Dina