Pierre Bensusan Workshop
Friday November 6th 2020

Pierre Bensusan is offering a guitar workshop before his concert in Theater Dina. This workshop can be attended separately from the concert. Pierre Bensusan's workshops are open to any guitarist, from every musical horizon, who has already attained a competent technical level.

Pierre addresses issues of musicianship, philosophy of music, approach to the guitar, lots of techniques, ear training and so forth. All together, it's about "Music for Guitar" in Fingerstyle,whatever the tuning is.

Pierre’s classes are based on a large concept which is that, whatever the style, and whether you'd like to focus on interprating, improvising or composing, we need to fulfill the process of expressing music on the instrument. This is analysed and optimized throughout the length of the class by going deep into various right hand and left hand techniques, body position, exercises, ornementations, rythmic attention, tone, expression, interpretation and so forth.

Pierre plays in DADGAD tuning but while the seminar is not about DADGAD per se, Pierre will share his experience of this tuning.


The Friday will be sorted as followed:
Workshop – 14:00 - 16:30
Buffet - 17:00 - 19.30 (info & tickets)
Concert - 20:00 - 22:15 (info & tickets)



November 6th 2020
Theatre Dina