Boutique Guitar Showcase | The Netherlands
A travelling collection of unique, world class instruments.
Monday October 28th 2019

On the 28th of October, on a monday-afternoon/evening, Jamie Gale and his traveling 'Boutique Guitar Showcase' will stop by our store and showcase a unique, curated collection of world-class guitars. Hosted by the worlds top Boutique retailers. 

"Bringing you behind the scenes. Experience what the world's top guitar makers are doing today. Who knows what inspiration is awaiting you..."

The Boutique Guitar Showcase is known all over the world and has hosted events in the most famous guitar-stores. This year's edition is sponsored by D'Addario, Levy's Leather and Seymour Duncan, which is not too shabby! 

Jamie's goal is to bring Art, Design and Quality together in the form of a collection of the world's most exquisite and stunning guitars, a once in a lifetime experience! Entrance is completely free, reserving your place is possible but not mandatory. 

NEW YORK - Rudy's Music | Boutique Guitar Showcase

2018 | Boutique Guitar Showcase Recap

October 28th 2019
Theatre Dina
Ticket sale stopped