Joe Robinson guitar workshop
Thursday October 24th 2019

Virtuoso guitarist Joe Robinson is offering a guitar workshop before his concert in Theater Dina. This workshop can be attended separately from the concert.

Topics covered during the masterclass include, but aren't limited to:
- Harmony: Classic Jazz Progressions
- Rhythm: Bass lines, Instrument/Voice independence & tempo considerations;
- Melody: Range contraints, interacting with chords & working over a bass pattern;
- Guitar: Technique: Left hand strength, flatpicking development, use of open strings, practise philosophy & improvising basics;
- Performing: What you learn from busking, sellings CD's mailings lists etc. & 2000 concerts, what joe has learned and his mistakes;

The Thursday will be sorted as followed:
Masterclass – 15:00 - 16:30
Buffet - 17:00 - 19.30 (info & tickets)
Concert - 20:00 - 22:15 (info & tickets)

What others say about Joe Robinson:

“Australian guitarist Joe Robinson has accomplished what most musicians can only dream of.” - NPR
“Robinson’s technique is dazzling — his bluesy licks go by in a blur, and his harmonic savvy is apparent in every chord he plays.” - Nashville Scene
“It’s not hard to imagine him rivaling the popularity of, say, John Mayer in coming years.” - Washington Post

October 24th 2019
Theatre Dina